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Drumcliffe Creamery Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society was established by Sir Josslyn Gore-Booth in 1895. It was one of the first Co-operatives in Ireland and represented a major change in farming practices and the distribution of wealth. The actual Creamery buildings and the two storey managers house were built c.1900

Sir Josslyn Gore-Booth said during a speech in 1901 – “I see mutual good for capital and labour through the principal of co-operation” he also declared that ” if profit was made they proposed to pay capital a fair dividend and to divide the balance to workers”


Josslyn’s sisters, Constance Gore-Booth (Countess Markievicz) and Eva Gore-Booth are pictured here wearing arm bands promoting Drumcliffe Creamery Co-operative.

Farmers from around North Sligo would bring their milk to the Creamery for processing which would then be sold across the county.

The creamery was eventually sold in March 2004 and currently lies idle.