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Drumcliff or Drumcliffe (Irish: Droim Chliabh, meaning “ridge of the baskets”) is a village in County Sligo, Ireland. It is 8 km (5 miles) north of Sligo town on the N15 road on a low gravel ridge between the mountain of Benbulben and Drumcliff bay. It is on the Drumcliff river, originally called the “Codnach”, which drains Glencar Lake. The name Codnach means chief or princely river. The old name of Drumcliff was Cnoc na Teagh (trans. Hill of). The village is one of several possible locations in Co. Sligo for the settlement of Nagnata as marked on Claudius Ptolemy’s early map of Ireland.

An ancient poem in the Dinnsenchus (Lore of Places) tells how the baskets in the name refer to the wicker frames of a fleet of boats that was once made here.


Drumcliff formed the western extremity of the kingdom of Bréifne (the eastern end was Kells), and the northern extremity of Tir Fhiacrach Múaidhe (Tireragh).

An ancient battle was fought here in A.M. 3656 (1538 BC) by the legendary Milesian monarch Tigearnmas. Tigernmas. cath Codnaige in Tuath Eba in Cairpre moir Droma Cliab, fought by Tigernmas.